Speakers 2020


Our first lunch of 2020 featured Mayor Greg Fischer, who talked about how Louisville is working with national and local partners such as Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Jefferson County Public Schools and University of Louisville to grow the city's tech workforce and make Louisville a hub for innovation in high-tech growth areas such as data science, artificial intelligence and the internet of things.


At Venture Connectors' February lunch, Rabbit Hole Distillery Founder & CEO Kaveh Zamanian shared how the company has become one of the fastest-growing American whiskey brands in the United States. He talked about his strategic partnership with Pernod Ricard, and how he continues to put his creative vision and commitment to innovation to work in fueling the growth of Rabbit Hole.



At our April lunch, Katie Grant Blakeley, discussed her entrepreneurial journey with PetFirst, including the path to its recent acquisition by MetLife. She shared that with nearly $75 billion spent on pet care annually in the United States, PetFirst is filling a critical need by helping pet parents afford life-saving procedures for their furry family members.